The Evergreen Theatre  is the sole project of the Fundy Folk Association; a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization with a committed Board of Directors, whose mandate is to offer quality arts programming/cultural enrichment/social and volunteer opportunities to our rural community by presenting professional and amateur acts from a wide variety of performing arts, and by providing a performance venue, meeting and workshop space to the local community. The re-purposed 1860s-era  Baptist church on the North Mountain above the Annapolis Valley brings a steady stream of professional artists from Nova Scotia, the rest of Canada and abroad to a rural area otherwise lacking a dedicated performance establishment. In its 15-year history, The Evergreen has developed from a local amateur talent event to a professional venue known across Nova Scotia, and further afield, as a surprising jewel in the travelling performance circuit around the Maritimes.

A little history…….


For the first 140-plus years of its life our building was the Evergreen Baptist Church serving the small community of East Margaretsville. In 1999 it was decided that its days as a church were ended and it was offered to the Community. A volunteer-built stage, cast-off seating and surplus theatre drapery have transformed the Evergreen into an intimate, acoustically superior-space. Our reputation as a warm and welcoming place with enthusiastic audiences continues to draw performers from across Canada and beyond.

After 15 years of successful operations, we finally took the plunge to move our charming but quite rudimentary venue from the 19th to the 21st century.
Four years later we have a head-turning new addition with all the basic amenities. And we are not stopping there, as we have great plans to take advantage of our shiny new digs.



Come and be part of it.

The Evergreen is available for your use.

Now that we have modern conveniences (read plumbing) and a more expansive space, the way is open for alternate use of our facility by the community. We will make the facility available for use at a very reasonable amount. We particularly support non-profit groups.

Put on your own show, talent night etc.
   (which works with our programming).
Great marriage venue
   (we have done several in the past).
Meetings, seminars, book launches. (projector and screen available).
Yoga, art and other such classes.
Rehearsal space (musical or theatre).
Several CD’s have been recorded here.
Whatever else you might come up with.

New Evergreen Theatre Initiatives


Local Scene Concerts
Are you a local musician or performer?
Would you like to perform a show at the Evergreen Theatre?

The Evergreen Theatre in East Margaretsville is setting up an ongoing series of concerts by local performers to complement our usual professional presentations. Our aim is to make our stage more accessible to local performances of all sorts at prices that are affordable to all audiences.

We will work with you to create a marketing plan to ensure a successful show and will aim to both profit financially from the event. Contact us if you are interested.



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